Lightning Surge Solutions Ltd are specialists in our field, as such we only provide products that fully meet our demanding standards. With many years of experience we have now partnered with one of the leading manufacturers of Lightning current and Transient over voltage products in Europe.

RAYCAP  is one of Europe’s and world´s leading manufacturer of SURGE PROTECTIVE DEVICES for a variety of systems. It takes pride in its extensive coverage of products for the protection of electrical and electronic devices in the industry, commercial buildings, homes and utilities.

Our strong R&D department ensures greatest solutions with benefits for end customers satisfaction. We are developing more complementary intelligent products for demanding applications on global market. Our intention is to better understand customer needs and the specific requirements of the industry in which they are involved. Our future brings solutions in the field of Smart grid configurations and even closer binding with energy distribution industry and its system integration.

In our portfolio comprises conventional and newer technology, including the patented SAFETEC® TCG technology which is revolutionizing safety, reliability, control and performance in the power quality industry. SAFETEC technology is the best protection for any equipment.


  • Europe’s manufacturer of Surge protective devices (SPD) for:
  • Low Voltage power lines
  • Signalling Networks
  • Telecommunication and subscriber lines

Power quality (PQ) solutions adapted to niche application needs with complementary products.

Energy management (EM) software and communication services, powered by Solvera Lynx.


  • Own brand name RAYCAP
  • Our own production of MOV
  • Our own production of GDT,
  • Our own R&D equipment and testing laboratory, including New High Voltage Laboratory,
  • Professional services with high skilled Engineers,
  • Strong marketing and distributorship network support,
  • Unlimited attention to innovations and new solutions are constantly encouraged,
  • Up to 5 key engineering products each year,
  • Members of national and international lightning and surge protection committees,
  • We offer maximal flexibility and custom made solutions,
  • Technical and content marketing activities, Multimedia.

International standards participation

  • European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization CENELEC
  •  International Electrotechnical Committees IEC
  •  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IEEE. SPDC 3.0 Surge Protective Devices Main Committee
  • Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL
  • Slovenian institute for Standardization SIST


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