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Lightning Surge Solutions Ltd. are a RAYCAP partner company providing Lightning current and Transient Voltage Surge Suppression, Surge Protection Devices (TVSS, SPDs) within the UK.

With 30+ years industry working knowledge and a full range of market leading enhanced Raycap products, all your surge protection needs can now be sourced from one convenient place. 

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For Lightning surge current, Transient voltage or a combined technology,we have the solution and products you are looking for.

Our products fully comply with the UK Lightning protection code of practice BSEN 62305 and  UK wiring regulation BS7671 18th edition. Raycap products are manufactured within the EU and are fully and independently certified to IEC 61643

We are not just an equipment supplier, we provide full technical support and guidance  to all our valued customers leading to project compliance to the IET wiring regulations BS7671 : 443 & 534 and or BSEN 62305 the UK lightning protection standard.

Those of you who have purchased from us over the years will be aware of our belief in fair business practice, with reasonably priced modern designed quality products and the support we provide you from selection to installation.  We can help you develop robust solutions no matter how complex your project needs may be.

We look forward to continuing to work with and support all of our regular customers. For those whom we have not yet had the privilege to work with, we look forward to getting to know and work with you soon.

We want Lightning Surge Solutions Ltd. to become your first thought and choice when you are looking for high quality surge products for your protection requirements. We can help you design your surge solution and stock a full range of high quality competitively priced Raycap products.



Design / Supply/ Protect 

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