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Our aim is to deliver a superior service to you from beginning to end. We are committed to providing our customers with market leading RAYCAP products at an affordable and competitive price.

Design & Selection of Surge Solutions:

Proper selection of Raycap products will provide a surge solution to mitigate risk from Lightning or switching transients as defined under UK standards BSEN 62305, BS 7671.

We are happy to help review electrical schematics and client technical specifications in order to provide a surge solution meeting your requirements and full compliance UK standards.

Supply of Surge Products:

We are the UK partnering distributor of RAYCAP surge products. These products are from one of the largest award winning technology leading manufacturers in Europe. We stock a full range of Lightning current and transient over voltage units (Type 1, 2, 3 ) (Class I, II, III) products.  All products are manufactured and certified to the IEC 61643 standards and are compliant with the UK code of practice BSEN 62305 (Protection against Lightning) & UK IET regulation BS7671 18th Edition.

RAYCAP products are of the highest quality and design innovation. The Safetec and Safebloc range incorporate a unique patented thermal control function without leakage current (TCG) as well as an unlimited time temporary over load immunity (TOV) of up to 700V. All products carry the CE quality mark and are fully supported by Lightning Surge Solutions Ltd.

Annual Inspection:

Under the UK electricity at work act 1989 Inspection and maintenance of safety equipment must be done. Under this statutory instrument, the Lightning protection system must be inspected annually following BSEN 62305 Pt3 section 7, E.7. BS7671 651.2 (v,vi) note 1, 651.4,  642.3, 643.10

This includes the identification / testing of all the surge protection equipment installed to ensure they are functionally healthy and remain operational.

Raycap ProSCT testing instrument will perform all health checks no matter the manufacturer or technology of component used. Any new electrical or other conductive lines (cctv, aerial / sat dish, control, data etc) entering the building since the last inspection must be identified and have the correct types of surge equipment present.

Failure to inspect and maintain under the Electricity at Work act is a breach of law and responsibility of an employer as directed under the act. This omission may affect your companies’ insurance cover should you suffer a loss following a Lightning event.

Insurance Inspection & Reports:

We can help you protect your business or home against potential loss relating to structural damage and loss of services as a consequence of both Lightning surge induced current and high voltage transient events.

Not only are these events dangerous to your personnel but the loss of equipment and down time can be very expensive.

If you have already had a loss, and have had an insurance report, we have the Raycap products recommended to protect against future loss; don’t delay act now.

If you have a requirement under your insurance policy to ensure you have done all that is reasonably expected of you; our products will help you meet this responsibility