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Our Expertise

We have an unrivaled level of knowledge gained over the last 30 years within electrical contracting, process control & panel build design, and over 20 years within the specialist lightning protection sector.

Our clients include the market leading lightning protection contractors, consultant engineers, M&E contractors, switchgear panel builders and solar panel designers/installers. 

If you need assistance selecting the right surge product for your application, we would be happy to help.

Mains Lightning Current and Transient Voltage

Type I/II (Class I/II)

protection Used at main and sub boards where cables enter/leave the building with a Lightning protection system present

Mains Transient over voltage protection

Type II/III (Class II/III)

Used at main distribution and sub-distribution boards

Data Signal Control

Type I/II/III (Class I/II/III)

For all ELV and volt free system applications


Type I/II/III (Class I/II/III)

Used in LSA Krone main distribution points

RF Coaxial

Type I/II/III (Class I/II/III)

Used for Radio, TV, Sat dish, Cable TV, CCTV

Solar Panel 

Type I/II (Class I/II)

Used for DC strings from Photovoltaic cells

Wind Turbine

Type I/II (Class I/II)

Used at the generating side of the Turbine

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