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Protec DMR Type III 240V

Data sheet – Protec DMR 20/275

SPDs Class I and Class II are not enough to protect sensitive electronic elements. Overvoltage waves are slowly increasing and, at a greater distance, reoccurring and threatening devices. Incidence of low value surges, which are still too high for electronic elements, is still common in the object itself. They are caused by activation/switching of major appliances, inductive devices and motors, industrial systems operation. They intended to provide protection in zones 2 – 3 as per IEC 62305.
The PROTEC D series of overvoltage surge protective devices has been developed to protect against indirect lightning discharges and induced voltages. The plug-in module/base design facilitate eplacement of a failed module without the need to remove system wiring etc.

  • Category IEC / EN / VDE: Class III / Type 3 / D
  • Location of use: Sub-distribution boards
  • Network systems:TN-S, TT
  • Protection modes: L/N – PE
  • Protective element: MOV
  • Surge discharge rating: Uoc = 10kV
  • Housing: Modular design
  • Complies with: IEC/EN 61643-11