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Protec 240V Type II L-N / N-PE Imax 8/20 80KA  – 1 shot Iimp 10/350 2KA/pole

Data sheet – Protec 240V

  • The PROTEC C(R) series of overvoltage surge protective devices has been developed to protect low-voltage consumer installation against surges and effects of indirect lightning discharges and induced voltages. They are to be installed within lightning protection zones 0B – 2 as per IEC 62305.
  • PROTEC C(R) series consists of a high performance varistor with thermal disconnection mechanism. The plug-in module / base facilitates replacement of a failed module in situ without the need to remove system wiring.
  • Category IEC / EN / VDE: Class II / Type 2 / C
  • Location of use: Sub-distribution boards
  • Network system: TT, TN-S
  • Protection modes: L-N, N-PE
  • Protective element: MOV and GDT
  • Surge discharge rating: Imax = 40kA, 1 shot Iimp 10/350Us = 2KA/pole
  • MOV max. withstand capability 1 x 8/20: 60kA per pole
  • Housing: Modular design
  • Complies with: IEC/EN 61643-11