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b) Cat 5 and Cat 6 PoE applications Type I/II

b) Data sheet – Cat 5/6 PoE 

The NET series is intended to protect Local Area Networks (LAN) from over voltage surges and electrostatic discharges created by switching transients in buildings. LAN systems are particularly prone to such disturbances because of long cable lengths.

LZ-NET 6 is designed to protect Cat6 Local Area Networks. It is suitable for protection of 1Gbit/s lines and fully compatible with current PoE standards.


  • Category IEC / EN: D1/C1/C2/C3
  • Protection: All 4 pairs protected
  • Nominal operating voltage: Un: 48VDC
  • Max. operating voltage: Uc: 50VDC
  • Frequency range: 250MHz, up to Cat6, PoE capable
  • Surge Discharge Ratings: In: 10kA, Iimp 10/350: 4kA
  • Enclosure: UTB in-line patch, DIN rail mount
  • Housing: Compact design
  • Termination: RJ45, shielded
  • Complies with: IEC/EN 61643-21