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a) Analogue CCTV systems BNC

a) Data sheet – Analogue CCTV

Coaxial protection devices are intended to protect TV sets, aerial amplifiers, CCTV/CATV systems as well as RF antenna systems and are suitable to frequencies up to 6GHz.

The careful design, low capacitance gas discharge arresters and high quality termination connectors, ensures a minimum of insertion loss throughout the frequency band

  • Category IEC / EN: C1/C2/C3/D1
  • Design: Impedance matched
  • Nominal operating voltage: Un: ± 5, ± 12VDC
  • Max. operating voltage: Uc: ± 5, ± 14VDC
  • Frequency range: < 100MHz
  • Surge Discharge Ratings: In: 10kA, Imax: 20kA
  • 1 shot 10/350Us Iimp = 2KA
  • Series load current: 100mA
  • Housing: Shielded enclosure, in-line installation
  • Termination: BNC connectors
  • Complies with: IEC/EN 61643-21.