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a) I pair + shielded cable Type I/II 2.5KA

a) Data sheet – 1 pair 2.5KA (shielded cable protection)

SMH products are universal data surge protection devices contains both coarse and fine overvoltage stages and provide longitudinal an a transverse surge protection

SMH-SH series is equipped with additional protection for cable shield


  • Category IEC/EN: D1/C1/C2/C3
  • Mode of protection: Longitudinal, Transverse
  • Coarse Protection: 3 terminal GDT
  • Available voltages: 5, 12, 24, 48, 110VDC
  • Frequency range: 30Mhz
  • Surge Discharge Ratings: In: 10kA, Imax: 20kA, Iimp 10/350 : 2.5kA
  • Series load current: 1A
  • Enclosure: DIN 43880 2/3TE, DIN rail mount
  • Terminals: Stranded to 4 mm2
  • Housing: Modular design
  • Complies with: IEC/EN 61643-21